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… el of modern fashion. The North face is a very
popular name in outdoor apparel and we feel that
through implementing effective marketing
strategies that this popularity will carry over to
our sneaker line. The North Face/ Triple Divide
Mid($74.95) This sneaker is made of prime
Weathertuff waterproof leather built to keep the
foot warm and dry through treacherous terrains.
This sneaker offers an integrated webbing eyestay
lacing system that allows for a uniform, snug fit.
It has a Firm X-2 midsole to add support and
stability while maximizing comfort. The Triple
Divide has a self-cleaning multi-dimensional lug
design to provide maximum trail traction. The
mid-cut of the sneaker provides additional ankle

This product costs an average of
seventy-four dollars and ninety-five cents. The
North Face/ Triple Divide($69.95) This sneaker is
designed primarily for lightweight trail
activities. The interior is lined with wicking
material known as Drilex designed to keep your
feet drier. The nubuck leather uppers are
partially seam sealed and constructed with a full
tongue to create a barrier against most elements.
The sneaker also has a full-length polyurethane
midsole which is more durable than most and adds
support and stability. This sneaker has an average
cost of sixty-nine dollars and ninety-five cents. The North Face/Sawtooth Ridge(79.95) This sneaker
has an all-terrain outsole matched with a dual
density midsole that is engineered for both
support and cushioning.

The toe-box of the sneaker
is composed of a rubber toecap for maximum
protection. It is less flexible in the forefoot
than most trail runners making it more useful on a
rugged outdoor terrain. This sneaker costs
sixty-nine dollars and ninety-five cents. The
North Face/Kuna Crest($59.95) The Kuna Crest
addresses the issues of stability, durability and
all-terrain traction. It features a tight fit in
the arch and heel to reduce slippage. This sneaker
also features a reinforced toe box, rubber toecap,
and an innovative lug design for maximum traction.
This sneaker is built upon synthetic leather with
a breathable mesh upper, which maximize warmth and
necessary circulation.

The Kuna Crest costs about
fifty-nine dollars and ninety-five cents. 2.5 Keys
to Development Diversification of distribution. Implementing effective marketing strategies to
achieve maximum consumer awareness. Maintain
competitive pricing levels. Gain competitive edge
by further developing patents and new
modernizations to keep hold of technological
dominance. 2.6 Critical Issues North Faces sneaker
line is currently achieving positive revenues,
however we plan to take a capitalistic approach to
maximize profits within the industry.

North Face
plans to branch out the distribution of our
products to a larger line of retail distributors
create for. We believe that effectively marketing
our products to the general public will us a
greater horizon of consumers, while also steering
us towards achieving a greater share of the
marketplace. We anticipate a highly profitable
future, and plan to generate a new standard of
sneaker for the entire industry for years to come.
We plan to utilize our strengths in order to
properly execute the necessary strategies to make
the most out of all of our obtainable
opportunities. 3.0 Mission North Face is committed
to offering the highest quality of sneaker at the
most reasonable of prices. Due to consumers recent
interests, North Face is determined to provide
highly functional, and technological
performance-oriented products. North face is
dedicated to achieve and preserve customer loyalty
and deference through providing products for them,
which are second to none.

3.1 Marketing Objectives
The North Face goal is to increase brand awareness
by projecting a high quality, technically
sophisticated, genuine image that may appeal to
professional, and serious outdoor fanatics, as
well as a much broader segment of consumers. 1. To
become a fierce competitor, and to gain a greater
hold of the total sneaker industries market share
by maintaining 20% of total sales annually. 2. To
diversify distribution of products from specialty
to all major retail sneaker stores within four
years, which will account for 55% of our total
annual revenues. 3.

To appreciate a 21% increase
in our total revenues to year prior. 4. To
increase general consumer awareness of The North
Face product line. 5. To broaden the horizons as
to the level of total person purchasing our
products. 3.2 Marketing Strategy Our Marketing
strategies are built on a foundation designed to
go above and beyond consumers expectations.

create synergy between employees in all of our
business units in order to properly develop
production strategies in order to ultimately gain
a competitive advantage over our competitors. We
recognize and capitalize on each of our
distinctive competencies within the industry.
North Face focuses on appropriately emphasizing
short and long term objectives in order to bring
our missions, objectives, and anticipations of the
foreseeable future into a perfect dovetail. Target
Market: Outdoor enthusiasts, health conscious
individuals, and general sneaker consumers aged
5-75 Positioning: Highly innovative authentic
performance sneakers, which promote comfort and
performance, through state-of -the-art
technologies which support agility, quality, and
ergonomics. Price: Priced competitively in the
marketplace, between $59.95 and $105.95. Service:
Technically superior products, capable of
withstanding the most extreme conditions. Offer a
fine union of style and comfort, through the
fusion of design and technology, all for an
equitable price.

Sales Promotion: To develop sales
promotions such as discounts and Reward points in
order to enhance consumer awareness and loyalty.
Advertising: Develop valuable campaigns through
product distributors to heighten product awareness
as well as to attract perspective customers. To
campaign on the basis of style and quality to
individuals who are not outdoor enthusiasts and
who have not yet tried North Face products.
Marketing Research: Plans to surveys and to
produce survey analysis, to conclude effectiveness
of our campaigning and overall satisfaction with
our products. 3.3 Financial Objectives 1. Revenue
of $298,991,000 by year-end to realize a growth
rate of 21% from prior year. 2. Total expenses
incurred maintained at a maximum of 25% of sales
3.4 Target Marketing: Our three primary targets
consist of the following: 1.

Outdoor enthusiasts
who find leisurely time to explore Mother Nature.
This group is typically man and women between the
ages of 18-35. This group derives much pleasure
from our products, and holds a lot of trust in
North Face. This group does not mind spending
discretionary income on our sneaker products
because they act as a luxury for them, in
providing great comfort and protection for all of
their active needs. 2. Health conscious
individuals whom are shopping for high quality
exercise equipment to meet all of their workout
needs. This group usually consists middle class
men and women between the ages of 25-55 who are
searching for new energy and health in their

3. Our other consumers consist of all
people ages 5-75 who are searching for a sleek
stylish look, along with a comfortable feel in a
sneaker. This group is limited in their loyalty to
the brand, due to the vast level of competition
within the industry. 3.5 Positioning, and
Marketing Mix The North Face is the leading
designer, distributor, and marketer of technically
sophisticated outdoor apparel and equipment. Over
the past thirty four years, our company has built
a strong and widely recognized reputation for high
quality, innovative products, which has
established The North Face as the worlds premier
brand of outdoor apparel and equipment. We design
and distribute a broad range of products all under
The North Face brand and all backed by a lifetime
manufacturer warranty.

Our products include
high-performance outerwear, skiwear, tents,
sleeping bags, backpacks, daypacks, and Tek-ware –
a unique line of one hundred percent not cotton
functional sportswear. Our reputation for quality,
performance and authenticity differentiates and
exemplifies our brand. Our ability to develop
technically advanced and superior products,
capable of withstanding the most extreme
conditions is the reason why so many customers
have chosen The North Face. The knowledge that the
North Face has gained through their development
process has allowed us to create hundreds of new
products over the past several years that appeal
to an increasingly wider consumer audience from
extreme athletes to weekend athletes to the
tranquil consumer. Our line of sneakers consists
of highly advanced, comfortable shoes that are as
appealing to the eye as they are the foot. We
strive to meet the demands of the consumer.

accomplish this not only by providing our products
but also by aiming to stimulate active lifestyles
for such a broad range of people. We provide top
of the line products so that each time our
customers make a purchase, they may return home
with a sense of relief and the knowledge of
knowing that they bought a name that they can
trust. 3.6 Marketing Research The North Face,
Inc., will continue to employ the most competent
individuals, so that new innovations and
technologies will always be prevalent in the North
Face sneaker product line. We will continue to
practice customer-first orientation, and we will
forever strive to meet the demands of the
consumers. Our company places much emphasis on
consumer feedback, and thats is why we plan to
conduct and formally analyze consumer surveys in
order to determine the success of our marketing
tactics, as well as to determine consumer product
satisfaction. 4.0 Financials, Budgets, and
Forecasts Our marketing plan requires
approximately 263,903,000 in total revenue for
this year.

By 2004, we plan to experience sale
revenues of over 350M. We are currently operating
with total expenses maintained at 25% of sales,
and it is our goal to make sure that level of
expenses is maintained for the foreseeable future.
our plan assumes the following: 1. Experience a
growth rate of 21% from newly built consumer
interests, advertising campaigns, concerns for
health, economic prosperity, increased population,
and an increase in North Face brand loyalty. 2.
Shifts in sales occur during the New Year time
frame, as well as during the summer months. These
changes of interests effect the P/L, however the
effects are temperate 4.1 Sales Forecast Revenues
are expected to increase by a rate of 21% by
year-end. There after, we anticipate a very
similar rate of growth for the foreseeable future
as resoluted by our marketing objectives.

A 5%
annual growth rate is expected to be observed for
heath conscious individuals. A 7% annual growth is
expected to be observed for Outdoor Enthusiasts,
and a 9% increase in growth is expected for other
consumers. Potential Sales Forecast 2000 2001 2002
2003 2004 Outdoor Enthusiasts $ 116,754,750 $
124,927,583 $ 133,672,513 $ 143,029,589 $
153,041,660 Health Conscious $ 52,879,400 $
55,523,370 $ 58,299,539 $ 61,214,515 $ 64,275,241
Other $ 94,268,650 $ 102,752,829 $ 112,000,583 $
122,080,636 $ 133,067,893 Total $ 263,902,800 $
283,203,781 $ 303,972,635 $ 326,324,740 $
350,384,794 4.2 Expense Forecast North Face, Inc.,
currently observes total expenses to cost a steady
25% of total sales. Although we are anticipating
high levels of growth, we recognize the importance
of maintaining steady levels of expenses, and we
plan to meet our objectives of maintaining a 25%
expense rate. 5.0 Organization and Marketing
Controls North Face Inc, is a publicly owned
corporation, and is currently traded on the
NASDAQ. Our objectives are only achievable by our
executives, managers, and specialists effectively
implementing all of our planned tactics.

We must
be able to meet the needs of the market, and it is
our objective to continue to offer products that
excel beyond the expectations of the consumer. 6.0
Performer Profit or Loss Statement Projected Sales
2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 Triple Divide Mid $
63,307,020.00 $ 76,601,494.20 $ 92,687,807.98
$112,152,247.66 $135,704,219.67 Triple Divide $
73,858,190.00 $ 89,368,409.90 $108,135,775.98
$130,844,288.93 $158,321,589.61 Sawtooth Ridge $
42,204,680.00 $ 51,067,662.80 $ 61,791,871.99 $
74,768,165.11 $ 90,469,479.78 Kuna Crest $
31,653,510.00 $ 38,300,747.10 $ 46,343,903.99 $
56,076,123.83 $ 67,852,109.83 Total
$211,023,400.00 $255,338,314.00 $308,959,359.94
$373,840,825.53 $452,347,398.89 Projected Expenses
2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 Promotion $ 2,637,792.50
$ 3,191,728.93 $ 3,861,992.00 $ 4,673,010.32 $
5,654,342.49 Advertising $ 5,275,585.00 $
6,383,457.85 $ 7,723,984.00 $ 9,346,020.64 $
11,308,684.97 Maintenance $ 5,275,585.00 $
6,383,457.85 $ 7,723,984.00 $ 9,346,020.64 $
11,308,684.97 Training $ 2,637,792.50 $
3,191,728.93 $ 3,861,992.00 $ 4,673,010.32 $
5,654,342.49 Salary $ 2,637,792.50 $ 3,191,728.93
$ 3,861,992.00 $ 4,673,010.32 $ 5,654,342.49
Freight-Out $ 5,275,585.00 $ 6,383,457.85 $
7,723,984.00 $ 9,346,020.64 $ 11,308,684.97
Property Tax $ 7,913,377.50 $ 9,575,186.78 $
11,585,976.00 $ 14,019,030.96 $ 16,963,027.46
Materials $ 15,826,755.00 $ 19,150,373.55 $
23,171,952.00 $ 28,038,061.91 $ 33,926,054.92
Other $ 5,275,585.00 $ 6,383,457.85 $ 7,723,984.00
$ 9,346,020.64 $ 11,308,684.97 Total $
52,755,850.00 $ 63,834,578.50 $ 77,239,839.99 $
93,460,206.38 $113,086,849.72.

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