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The North Face, Inc. sneaker industry, is a highly
sophisticated designer, distributor, and marketer
of technically innovative sneaker products. We
have built a strong, widely recognized line of
products, and have been established as the worlds
premier brand for outdoor apparel. Our sneaker
line offers state-of-the-art technology that
offers comfort, support, and style, backed by a
lifetime manufacturers warranty so that our
consumers are provided with all of the luxuries
that they deserve. 2.0 Situation Analysis The
North Face, Inc., offers a wide variety of
specialized sneakers, designed primarily for
professional climbers, and outdoor enthusiasts.
The North Face, Inc. offers incomparable
state-of-the-art technology, which has
satisfactorily led to increased levels popularity
and customer loyalty.

However, currently The North
Face sneaker retains less than 5 percent of the
market share due to the popularity and general
distribution of our top competitors such as: Nike,
Adidas, New Balance, and Saucony. Our North Face
trail sneakers are primarily sold at
specialty/outdoor sporting good stores for between
$59.95 and $105.00. Adidas offers sneakers with
minimal technology, which are trendy reasonably
priced, with high-end retail prices of about
$65.00. New Balance offers sneakers with limited
technology, which are stylish and competitively
priced, with high-end retail prices of about
$80.00. Nike offers comparably priced sneakers,
however like New Balance and Adidas, Nikes channel
of distribution is primarily centralized around
general retail shoe/sneaker stores. Nikes annual
sales for 1999 were $8,776.9 M, approximately 35
times that of North Face which in 1999 had sales
of $247.1 M.

The North Face, Inc., intends to
accrue and retain unprecedented percentages of our
customer base over the next decade. We believe
that once a consumer purchases one of our
products, that they will recognize how far
superior we are to our competition and appreciate
our intentions of staying there. The North Face,
Inc., intends to create a shift in general
consumer preferences, leading to an increasing
demand for our highly functional products at the
expense of fashion-oriented products. We seek to
promote a superior acceptance of our outdoor
apparel as casual wear, and we intend to encourage
an increase in the technical sophistication of the
products in this field. 2.1 Market Summary The
North Face, Inc. is a highly sophisticated
technologically based company that offers a
variety of outdoor sneaker products to the public
around the world.

Trends towards more active
outdoor lifestyles is demonstrated by the
increased participation in a variety of outdoor
activities such as, hunting, camping, and hiking.
Many outdoor enthusiasts around the world
appreciate our services, because they rely on our
products as dependable means of security for all
of their outdoor adventures. In addition, our
products have become increasingly useful to
consumers who are not necessarily outdoors
men/women, because they too have begun to see the
advantages of functionally high-performance
products. This, in conjunction with a rise in
casual wear popularity, particularly in the
workplace, has resulted in a leveling off of our
target market, creating an almost even
distribution of our sneaker products to the
general public. 2.1-1 Market Demographics Outdoors
Enthusiasts- Usually consisting of men and women
between the ages of 18 and 35 in a middle to
upper/middle socioeconomic bracket. These
customers are thought to be the most profitable,
and brand loyal consumers, accounting for nearly
45% of total revenue in 2000. Because of their
active outdoor lifestyles, these consumers are
concerned with reliability, and the proper
maintenance of their outdoor gear.

Conscious- This customer base provided for about
20% of total revenues for 2000. This group usually
consists of men and women aged 25-50 in a
upper/middle socioeconomic bracket. Because of the
booming health craze, North Face intends to gain
an advantage on the marketplace by consistently
introducing new high quality models of sneakers
into the market place. 0thers- This customer base,
provided for the other 35% of our annual revenue
in 2000. Usually consisting of men and women, aged
5-75 from lower to upper socioeconomic brackets.
Because of the limited loyalty, stressing the
specialized technological attributes, reliability
and overall comfort of our products is key toward
recapturing their business. 2.1-2 Market Needs
North Faces trail running line of sneakers
provides an invaluable asset for all whom use

Looks, style, durability, ability and brand
are the most important attributes that a consumer
is looking for when purchasing sneakers. Consumers
are wearing sneakers for their style and
appearance, as well as for their performance. At
North Face, we have developed a team of inspired
individuals who work in perfect harmony to
construct a product that is nothing short of the
perfect fusion of design and technology. We are
providing the highest quality sneaker to our
customers, so that they may be capable of
withstanding anything that mother nature can throw
their way. We have designed the most durable, and
capable indoor/outdoor sneakers, so that our
customers feel security in their purchase, and We
have strived to attain our customers trust, and
this is why those who are aware of the North Face
sneaker find it to be one of the most stylish and
durable brands of sneakers. 2.1-3 Market Trends
Current trends in the sneaker marketplace include,
economic conditions, consumer behaviors and

Health has become an increasingly
important issue in the minds and attitudes of many
individuals today. Over the past few decades,
popular trends have placed significant emphasis on
the importance of exercise. More and more doctors
are prescribing exercise for their patients as a
conventional approach toward achieving good
health. As a result many individuals began to pick
up on hobbies such as, camping, and hunting, to
move towards an active lifestyle. Consequently,
consumers have become more apt to go out and
purchase the proper equipment for their
cardiovascular exercising needs. Economic
conditions affect the way every consumer evaluates
their hierarchy of needs, and how they may choose
to dispose of their income.

Over the last decade
or so, we have seen unparalleled economic
prosperity, which in turn has led to an excess of
discretionary income for many individuals,
resulting in added purchases of leisure products,
such as sneakers. This increase in prosperity, has
motivated us to work towards targeting a broader
realm of consumers, so that we may ultimately gain
a greater control over the marketplace. 2.1-4
Market Growth Our target ….

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