Example research essay topic: Comparing, Contrasting Shakespeare’s Tybalt And Mercutio – 664 words

Tybalt and Mercutio are like a ying-yang,
completely opposite of white and black, yet each
has a part of the other somewhere inside. On the
outside Tybalt and Mercutio are opposite on who
they balance out the play. Tybalt is hot tempered
and belligerent and Mercutio is the obvious comic
relief and very carefree. Yet, they each have that
same kind of feeling inside that keeps them each
from comprehending the true love between Romeo and
Juliet. Tybalt rejects the whole idea of then
being together. He sees Romeo as a threat to his
family name.

Mercutio constantly makes fun of
Romeo no patter who he is in love with, saying
that love is just a mind game and to get his head
out of the clouds. Nether of them comprehend the
subject of love, because their priorities are of
others when Romeo and Juliets is on love. Tybalts
purpose in the play is to cause conflict by
dragging on the long time since hibernated feud
between the two households. This is shown at
Capulets ball. Tybalt sees Romeo and automatically
thinks of him as a threat and that Romeo is
challenging him, by just being at the party. He
brings Romeos presence to the attention of Lord
Capulet in order to cause conflict.

(I, v, 52-71)
This is an example of how Tybalt is a character
that does not have the heart to just forget about
the whole feud and find a way to settle it or seek
revenge on anyone of the Montague family. Also,
Tybalt causes conflict by picking a fight with
Mercutio in the street. (III, i, 1-50) This led to
the death of each character, but Tybalt provoked
Mercutio, which led to his death and then Tybalts
death by Romeo. Mercutio purpose in the play is to
be the comic relief, but at the same time being
the one who trying to get Romeo to make the right
decisions about his love for, well everyone. When
he was trying to convince Romeo to go to the party
to get over Rosaline, but at the same time was
making fun of him. Telling Romeo that love was
thinking of a fairy tale romance.

(I, iv, 1-60)
Mercutio causes Tybalt to cause conflict in this
scene by getting Romeo to go to the party, so in a
way they help each other in the play to make this
play so exciting. Tybalt and Mercutios purpose in
this play causes it to be one of the most known
plays in the world ever. If they were not of, for
example, the families then the conflict they
caused would not of significance. Tybalts loyalty
to his family is very important, because even
though he does it for the wrong reason he still
sticks by his family name. Through out the play he
is honoring his familys name. For example at the
Capulets ball, he is looking out for his family
name, because he thinks Romeo is doing the same
for his family and trying to destroy the Capulet

Mercutios loyalty to Romeo is significant,
because Romeo would most likely be dead. Mercutio
helps Romeo with situations in his life; in this
situation would be love. If Romeo listened to
Mercutio he might have lived and did not die for
love. His advice saved Romeo in the street, when
in reality he set himself up to die. (III, i,
1-50) Being Romeos best friend became the key to
his death, but also being Romeos best friend
created the purpose of being the comic relief and
outing everyone in their place. Tybalt and
Mercutio being like the ying-yang of the play
makes the play flow better and keep Romeo in

Without them everything would go as planned
with Romeo and Juliets love and the play would not
have lasted for years as one of the most famous
plays in the world and Shakespeare would not be
the well known writer he is today..

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