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In Flannery OConnors A Good Man Is hard To Find,
the character known as the Misfit plays the
ever-so-common villain role. In this particular
story, the Misfit has a strange twist to his style
of being a villain. When defining the word misfit
one may say, a person poorly adjusted to his or
her environment. With this information at hand the
reader knows early to expect trouble from this
character. The name alone explains the theme and
plot of the story. The Misfit says his name comes
from the punishments that he received from
society, not fitting now remembering the crimes he
has committed.

In the Misfit eyes he has done no
wrong to be treated the way society has treated
him. The Misfit lived up to the name in which he
was called. He believed that society made him the
way he was, and they where responsible for his
actions. When speaking, the Misfit appears as a
well-spoken and polite person. Even when Bailey
disrespects his mother, the Misfit reddened. Lady,
he said, dont you get upset.

Sometimes a man says
things he dont mean. I dont reckon he meant to
talk to you thataway (OConnor 359). That statement
shows that the misfit indeed had a decent side to
him. The misfit goes on about his up bringing from
a child to his current status and personal life,
which he also believes helped shaped his demeanor.
When the Grandmother suggested that he must have
come from fine people, he simply replied, Finest
people in the world(359). In addition, he goes to
say, God never made a finer woman than my mother
and my daddys heart was pure gold (359). With a
statement like one would think that the Misfit was
being a bit sarcastic when it comes to his

Its a true mystery about the way the
Misfit actually feels about his parents. Many
would say that the misfit didnt care for his
parents at all. One would say the major influence
of the Misfit becoming a finish product revealed
at the end of the story is the penitentiary. Being
in jail for something that he didnt think he did
made him feel as if he was buried alive (OConnor
361). Even when facing the grandmother, he couldnt
recall what he done. All the Misfit knew is that
they had papers on him.

When in jail, he was told
he killed his daddy he replied, My daddy died in
nineteen ought nineteen of the epidemic flu and I
never has a thing to do with it (OConnor 361).
That statement alone shows the reason why the
Misfit turns out the way he is..

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