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On page 22 Golding describes Roger as, A slight,
furtive boy whom no one knew, who kept to himself
with an inner intensity of avoidance and secrecy.
Roger is a very withdrawn character who does not
appear to be concerned with social interaction,
and keeps very much to himself, for when being
introduced to the other boys, whom he would live
with and be dependent on for company He muttered
that his name was Roger and was silent
again.(p.22) However, he does not seem to have the
need to express his feelings to others, although
his behavior suggests a hate inside of him,
swelling, and overcoming all other emotion, fear,
loneliness, reason. Sixty feet above Roger,
several nuts, fibrous lumps as big as rugby balls,
were loosed from their stems. They fell about him
with a series of hard thumps and he was not
touched. Roger did not consider his escape, but
looked from the nuts to Henry and back again.
(p.62) Roger is not absent minded, as he is very
much aware of what is going on around him.
However, there is something mysterious about
Roger, for the shock of black hair down his nape
and low on his forehead, seemed to suit his gloomy
face and made what had seemed at first an
unsociable remoteness into something forbidding.
(p.60) It is hard to classify Roger as either a
leader or a follower, as he appears to be neither.
Roger followed him, keeping beneath the palms and
drifting casually in the same direction.(p.61)
However, at times, Roger leads, but is not a
leader, for he does not think about what is best,
but merely expects followers, Roger and Maurice
came out of the forest. They were relieved from
duty at the fire and had come down for a swim.
Roger led the way straight through the castles,
kicking them over, burying the flowers, scattering
the chosen stones. (p.60) Although Roger appears
quite primitive for he lacks the ability to
communicate and his unsatisfied anger, He sat
there crooning to himself and throwing sand at an
imaginary Percival.

(P.61) there is still a
barrier of the civilized world intercepting his
psyche, and preventing him from becoming more
primitive. Roger gathered a handful of stones and
began to throw them. Yet there was a space round
Henry, perhaps six yards in diameter, into which
he dare not throw. Here, invisible, yet strong was
the taboo of the old life. Round the squatting
child was the protection of parents and school,
and policemen and the law. Rogers arm was
conditioned by a civilization that knew nothing of
him and was in ruins..

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