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I think, Majesty, that all uncles have some things
in common, whether they are nobles, priests, or
showmen. And what is that, my Jardinire? asked the
queen. They do not like girls who talk too much.
But that is exactly why I want you here, she said,
lifting one finger. To talk and talk and talk as
much as you please. Even if it is all nonsense?
Especially then. Throw together a fool, a queen,
and a lot of sneaky citizens, and what do you end
up with? An amazing story that makes a book I just
cant put down! Luckily for me Jane Yolen and
Robert Harris decided to write it, and it is
called Queens Own Fool.

Queens Own Fool is a
wonderful work of historical fiction. Set in the
time of Mary, Queen of Scots, the plot tells of a
traveling jester girl named Nicola who gets
recruited to be the queens fool to Queen Mary
herself. The Queen tells Nicola that her job is to
always tell the truth to the Queen. Then the story
takes the Queen and Nicola from England to
Scotland, where they get into various skirmishes
with angry Scots, angry religious fanatics, angry
royal advisors, and a few friendly people. Most of
the time, Queen Mary respects Nicola and listens
to what she has to say, but there are times in the
book when I wondered if Nicola was going to be the
next one beheaded. And of course, I cant give away
the ending.

In just under 400 pages, the authors
of this book had plenty of time to develop a plot,
add description, and bore me to death. When I
originally chose this book off the shelf I was
worried that that might happen. But the amazing
thing is that this book is interesting the whole
way through. The snippets of detail that gave me
information without forcing me to skim were just
what I love to find in a book. Instead of a single
problem and solution, the authors took me on a
continuous journey- as soon as I thought I knew
the answer, a new antagonist showed up on the
scene, trying to turn the world upside down. The
characters intentions and wishes were shown
clearly, not through tedious pages of lengthy
description, but through their words and actions.
I didnt notice the authors using many metaphors or
other special language; actually, this book is
written in fairly simple English.

I think that
that is important, because the plot is somewhat
complicated and the story is hard enough to
understand without other things to look out for.
This book was somewhat similar to another book I
read recently, except that the other has a
completely fictional time, place, and cast of
characters. The other book was Elske by Cynthia
Voigt, and it was about a girl who is hired as a
maid for a woman who is trying to regain the
throne of a fictional country. I liked both books
because they had interesting female heroines that
werent just adventurous 12-year-old girls (like
most fiction nowadays). Those characters are
interesting, but it gets boring reading about the
same types of characters every time. I like how in
both Elske and Queens Own Fool, the main character
isnt the character that was most famous to the
people in the book. On the contrary, the main
character is usually a fairly low-class person at
the beginning of the book.

One of the things that
I think was probably important to the book, but
which I didnt like, was how the main characters in
Elske and Queens Own Fool were always overshadowed
by their respective mistresses. I was disappointed
that neither heroine got much chance to be heroic.
However, I think that most likely did help the
book to become more realistic, because that is
almost certainly what would have really happened.
The book Queens Own Fool is interesting, exciting,
and even humorous in a few parts. It has suspense
and detail without being monotonous and
repetitive. So, if you are interested in Mary,
Queen of Scots, if you enjoy historical fiction,
if you like interesting characters and twisting
plots, or if you are just looking for a good and
challenging book to read, I believe that you would
enjoy Queens Own Fool..

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