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On May 19, 1925 a man was born in Omaha, Nebraska.
This man was named Malcolm Little. He was born to
Earl Little, a Baptist preacher, and his wife
Louis. Earl was major advocate and speaker for
Black Rights and had to move around a lot when
Malcolm was a child because of death threats. They
eventually had to move to Milwaukee and then later
to Lansing, Michigan. In 1929 the Littles house
was burnt to the ground, and in 1931 Malcolm’s
father Earl was found dead on some trolley tracks.
Both were ruled accidents but a white supremacist
group named Black Legion was alleged to be behind
both attacks. Several years later his mother Louis
would suffer a nervous breakdown and was committed
to a mental institution.

Malcolm would then spend
the rest of his childhood in and out of foster
homes in Michigan. Despite a troubled childhood
Malcolm would be a very focused and dedicated
student and throughout junior high would be at the
top of his class. He even had dreams of one day
becoming a lawyer. This all changed one day when
one of his favorite teachers in junior high would
actually tell Malcolm that was”no realistic goal
for a nigger.” Malcolm would later drop out of
school at the age of fifteen and moved to Boston
to live with his half-sister. While in Boston,
Malcolm had many odd jobs and became familiar with
the underworld. He later moved to Harlem and made
a name for himself as a drug dealer and regular
hoodlum performing a myriad of petty and major

His nickname on the streets became Detroit
Red. He was in charge of gambling, prostitution,
and even narcotic rings while in New York. In 1949
after moving back to Boston Malcolm was arrested
and convicted of burglary and was sentenced to
seven years in prison. While in prison Malcolm
used his time to further educate himself. He
learned from his brother Reginald of a Muslim
organization called the Nation of Islam. Malcolm
decided to read and study the Nation of Islam and
its leader Elijah Muhammad.

Malcolm Little entered
the prison in 1946 and in 1952 he left the prison
as Malcolm X. He then moved to Detroit to become a
new member of the Nation of Islam. The Nation of
Islam, lead by Elijah Muhammad, taught that white
people worked to keep the black people from
gaining power. He taught that they needed their
own country free of white people. In the years to
come Malcolm X would become the most widely known
and biggest speaker for the Nation of Islam. He
was in charge of setting up new mosques in cities
all over the United States.

He used radio and
newspapers to spread the word and recruited
thousands of people to the Nation of Islam. In
eleven years Malcolm X was credited for increasing
the number of people of the Nation of Islam from
500 to 30,000. He even had TV specials circle
around him and he became more famous then the
leader himself. Malcolm X, being so widely famous,
was critisized highly for his speeches after the
assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
Muhammad would then silence Malcolm, but some
would say it was because Malcolm found out about
the many affairs that Elijah had had with many
women. Malcolm followed the teachings of Muhammad
very seriously and until his marriage Betty X was

He felt betrayed and ashamed by the
deception of his former mentor. In the end Malcolm
would break ties with the Nation of Islam and form
his own organization, the Muslim Mosque, Inc.
Shortly after founding the Muslim Mosque Inc,
Malcolm went on a pilgrimage to Mecca to
experience Islam first hand. He also visited other
Arab and African Nations and while on this trip
Malcolm learned what true Islam was all about and
even renounced the Black Muslim teachings of
whites being evil. He then would change his name
to El-Hajj Malik El-Shabbaz and become an orthodox
Sunni Muslim. He would return to the United States
and form another new group called Organization of
Afro-American Unity. Malcolm X, as he was still
known, made many new appearances on TV and Radio
advocating his new teachings of racial tolerance
and racial solidarity against white racism but
stating now that races of all colors were children
of Allah and not just blacks.

He became very
popular with Black leaders in the UN and among
many top people around the world, not just in the
United States. He spoke to a group of African
leaders and said the problem of race was “not a
Negro problem, nor an American problem. This is a
world problem, a problem of humanity.” Malcolm
also began working with Alex Haley, a writer, on
the manuscript of his life. During this process
Malcolm once told Haley that he thought he might
not live to see this book published. On February
21, 1965 three men assassinated Malcolm X. Some
believe that the Nation of Islam ordered them.
There was no hiding the hostile attitude the
Nation held for Malcolm after he left and started
a new movement.

Elijah considered him to be a
threat to his movement. To this day his book still
touches and influences blacks and whites alike as
it tells of his tale from petty thief to a leader
of the Muslim people. The legacy that would become
Malcolm X is not always the one that should be
remembered. Most people think of Malcolm X from
the Nation of Islam as a white hating violence
preacher. Many militant black organizations in the
60s and 70s would often use his as their guide.
Malcolm X did at one time support such actions and
often inspired and spoke of them openly. The Black
Panther Party was one of these groups who used the
early teachings of Malcolm X as the basis for
their organization.

In recent days Hollywood has
even come to use Malcolm in movies, such as the
Spike Lee movie and they even made Malcolm X
merchandise. The legacy we should remember when
looking back should be the one of El-Hajj Malik
El-Shabbaz. He was the man who spoke of tolerance
and of non-violence. He was also the man who spoke
of black respect and self-help. Most importantly,
he wanted to bring peace between all races
throughout all countries. As a Sunni Muslim he
embraced all men as brothers and told everyone to
do the same.

This message is the often lost in the
stories of Malcolm X and his life. In a time where
violence rocked the United States and the world,
he spoke for peace and cooperation. He also was
credited for starting the black consciousness
movement. He spoke of blacks stepping up and
taking control of their own lives. He thought
blacks should get out and vote and get involved in
society. Something he spoke out against with the
Nation of Islam.

He also gave birth to a phrase
still known today, black is beautiful. Despite
this he talked about how whites werent all evil,
but that racism was, from anyone black or white.
He wanted cooperation between races instead of the
segregation that people spoke about. His
contribution to the Islam Faith is vastly
underrated. So many people today and at his time
give Islam a bad name. People think of Islam as
violent, racist, and often associate it with
terrorism. Malcolm X understood what it really
taught and wanted everyone to live in that way.

showed the good side of Islam that is peaceful and
tolerant of all humans. He taught this in the
later years of his life, and wanted to unite the
black race using non-violent ways and end racism
around the world. Because of his teachings he was
killed, like so many other great men in time. Hes
a credit to the Muslim Faith and should be
remembered as such. As a student in the world
today I read and learn a lot about men with such
sayings. Most of these men are from many years
ago, very few are from our time, but some who
become famous in our time we know as Gandhi, and
Martin Luther King.

Malcolm X is a man who was
lost in the time and more known for his earlier
teachings. You could ask a lot of people today
what they know about Malcolm XS and they would
talk about his violence and militant speeches. I
think we should focus more on his later years with
the OAAU, and teach about non-violence and racial
tolerance. Today more then ever with the September
11 tragedy we see violence and people who speak
for religions, especially Islam. Through the media
we get to know people like Saddam Hussein and
Osama bin Laden as Muslim leaders. Its now more
then ever that we need to teach about Malcolm X.
Islam is a peaceful, tolerant religion and Malcolm
realized that and spoke that in his later life
when he realized the error he had made.

We should
not focus on the madmen who call themselves
Muslims to further their political views, but know
nothing of the real ideals that make their
religion so great. Malcolm Xs true legacy should
not only be for his great speeches and his
leadership and contributions to the world of Islam
and the world in general but just as a good
Muslim. He wanted the Muslims to act like they
were intended to act. He wanted all Muslims to
know of peace and tolerance and to show it. He
knew what it really meant to be a Muslim;
something that has been lost to many of the Islam
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