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As I, the television program producers know, there
are many sinful electronic devices today that have
turned our once peaceful and nave world into one
that consists of hate, crime, and deep obscenity.
Such examples fits directly into the world of
technology, like computers, the Internet, and
last, but not least, what I think is the most
destructive; the television. All of these
technological devices were invented for our
convenience, enjoyment, and most of all, profit.
Nevertheless, I shall say that no other electronic
human entertainment center has had more profit
motives than the television industry. Over the
years, television has grown increasingly
profitable, popular, and entertaining with a
variety of amusing shows. However, not all shows
are as delightful, and informative as others.
Instead, many shows are vulgar and unmoral. Your
channel, MTV, is a music giant and a television
colossal. Teenagers and young adults worship the
ground you step on, advertisers pinpoint you
everywhere, and parents despise you

Almost all of your shows feature
explicitly sexual images that I must say are
inappropriate for adolescents that are growing
through a time of very important change. Your
indecent shows have created more problems like the
promotion of sexual harassment. The increase of
rapes and sexual assaults, and last but not least,
the ongoing spread of AIDs, HIVs and other
sexually transmitted diseases. These are only some
of the reasons why I urge you immediately to start
airing less sexually repulsive television
programs. It is one of my strongest beliefs that
the common sexual harassment actions are
definitely portrayed upon by the media. When
people and especially teens are exposed to sexual
content in the media everyday, they tend to think
its okay to sexually harass or to intimidate the
opposite sex.

As one thing leads to another, soon,
the harasser will have less respect for the
opposite gender. Then continuing on to the final
stage, the very basis for why many professional
and personal relationships and marriages fail is
due to the exposure to sexual intimidation.
Further more as to why I reject the explicit shows
of MTV, I think there is no doubt that ever since
there has been images of sexual contents, the rate
of sexual assaults and rapes have gone up
nationally and internationally. Almost everyday on
the news there has always been reports of another
sexual assault. Statistics shows that ever since
MTV came into business the increase of sexual
assault has clambered up about 15%. In addition to
sexual assault, there has also been a significant
increase in rape as well. Nowadays, rape is more
common and the pain and hurt on the victims are

Some victims are almost shattered by
life as they in many common cases decide for
gender changes and changing their attractions to
different genders. In spite of much support to
reduce the risks of sexual diseases, report shows
that 2% of every sexual intercourse will lead to
HIVs or AIDs or other STDs. MTV is clearly trying
to promote young adults to indulge in sexual
orientation as its programs show teenagers
engaging in such unmoral activities and its
advertisements of condoms. In addition to the
health risk through sexual intercourse, there is
also the education risk. Many teenage girls
without a clear path in their visions can become
easily confused and disoriented once they have
gone through intercourse and are pregnant. 67% of
teenage mothers do not continue their education
once they are with child and has to struggle with
raising the child as a single mother and to make
it even worse, they are neglected by their
families and are forced to take minimum wage jobs
because of their unfinished education.

adolescents that are involved in these sexual
activities often die from sexually transmitted
diseases or even worse they pass it on to their
children or their partners, which makes sexual
orientation very harmful, dangerous, and
contagious of deadly diseases. Now as you can see
from the reasons stated above, just how
destructive and provocative some of your
television programs are. They encourage sexual
harassments creating a virtual war between the two
genders, cause more rapes and sexual assaults, and
unquestionably, promote many dangerous and
hazardous sexually transmitted diseases.
Therefore, as you can now see why I urgently call
upon you to find a solution to stop these problems
and for your improper shows. My suggestion for a
solution is to edit out all the vulgar images from
your programs or give a warning from the program
to the audience about the sexual contents in the
show. If you do not take the necessary steps to
resolve these problems, you will soon be living in
a world filled with sin and indecency caused by
the exposure of your explicit shows upon the many
delusional young adults of our nation. So I would
like for you to consider my proposition carefully
and think about what you are truly advocating for.
How would you feel if your daughter was one day
raped and sexually assaulted by a former active
fan of MTVs? [/b].

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