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It is estimated that underage drinking costs the
US $58 billion each year in accidents, crime and
hospitalizations. An estimated one-third of
Americans abstain from drinking alcohol or liquor.
The number of college binge drinkers in the 1999
Harvard study (44 percent) was the same as in the
1993 study. In the Harvard study, 0.6 percent of
respondents required medical attention for alcohol
overdoses. This could equal 30,000 such instances
a year when applying the number to the nation’s
entire collegiate population. On September 13, the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology reached a
$4.75 million legal settlement with the parents of
a student who died from an alcohol overdose in
1997. Scott Krueger, an 18-year-old freshman, fell
into an alcohol-induced coma after drinking an
excessive amount of alcohol at a university
fraternity pledge function, and died three days

The settlement comes at a time when
underage drinking on college campuses appears to
be spiraling out of control, with an increasing
number of drinking-related incidents and
fatalities. For instance a recent study conducted
by the Harvard School of Public Health College on
the drinking habits and trends of college students
found that 44 percent of students in 1999 were
binge drinkers. The study defined a binge drinker
as a male who consumes five drinks or a female who
consumes four drinks in a row at least once in a
two-week period. The study involved over 14,000
students from 119 universities. It also found that
19 percent of college students refrained from
drinking alcohol last year — an increase from 13
percent in 1993 — but that nearly 24 percent of
college students consumed enough alcohol to be
classified as frequent binge drinkers. As
staggering as these numbers are, new findings
indicate that the use and abuse of alcohol starts
years before youths enter college.

According to
the American Medical Association, over 10 million
individuals under the legal drinking age of 21
regularly consume alcohol, and that the average
male tries alcohol at age 11. Demanding that
parents, as legal guardians, must stop their
underage children from drinking alcoholic
beverages, numerous states have passed “social
host” and “adult responsibility” laws, which hold
parents and adults responsible for the actions of
supervised minors. Still other states and
jurisdictions have gone farther. If convicted
under Minnesota’s Zero Adult Providers law, adults
and parents can be fined, jailed and sued for
damages. The city of Albuquerque, N.M. is tougher
still, allowing the authorities to seize the homes
of underage drinkers from their parents if the
property is used for the illegal consumption of

Considering much alcohol abuse and binge
drinking by college students starts in their
teenage years, communities are right to focus
prevention efforts on the home. Underage drinking
has become a serious epidemic in this country, and
one that is exacerbated by parents who allow their
children and children’s friends to imbibe with
their knowledge, oftentimes in their homes.
Drinking alcohol is harmful to child development,
and can adversely affect social and personal
habits that last a lifetime. Enacting laws that
hold parents legally responsible for their
children’s drinking, with severe penalties, is
essential to combating underage drinking. With
these laws, previously negligent parents are
forced to take an active and responsible role in
their children’s lives. Stricter laws make it more
difficult for teenagers to break them that easily.
Parents play and important and key role in shaping
their childs future. All things considered I
personally am against underage drinking and
definitely against the proposition that the legal
drinking age should be lowered.

By enforcing rules
against underage drinking in all over the United
States we can avoid cases of alcohol overdose
cases, save a lot of money and use it for more
resourceful purposes. A student instead of buying
new books for school or supplies for college he
goes ahead and busts all his money on drinking
with his friends thus ending his career and end up
as a big loser in life. There are more important
things in life to be taken care of rather than
just waste your precious time, money and energy
for some unproductive and worthless, not to forget
it effects on you health. For those who are
already addicted to alcohol If there is a will
there is a way Doesnt matter if your parents drink
or your family members all drink but if you are
determined in life you surely can resist it and
say no to drinking and also even make your friends
quit their long time drinking habits..

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