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KIDNAPPED, on March 1st 1932, between 8 and 10 pm,
from his home in Hopewell New Jersey. The
Lindbergh baby,Charles, roughly 20 months old, was
taken from his crib. The first suspects were
speculated to be gangsters, on one else would
commit such a crime. The perpetrator left a ransom
note on the baby?s window sill demanding $50,000
dollars for the return of their son. After the
money was paid a note was given saying the child
was on a boat off Massachusetts coast. No baby was
found there, but a body of a child was found on
May 12, 1932 just miles from the Lindbergh home,
face down in the dirt, partially decomposed.

autopsy done on the child revealed it was the
Lindbergh?s son. It took more than two years to
track down the murderer a Bruno Richard Hauptmann.
He was an illegal German immigrant with a criminal
record in his past. This man Bruno Hauptmann is
considered a very guilty person in the eyes of
most, and he is also guilty to this offence
because of the overwhelming amount of direct and
indirect evidence. So I feel this man is guilty in
every way, and was rightly prosecuted for this
offence. This case had many pieces of direct
evidence that were used to convict Mr. Hauptmann
to a guilty charge.

Some of these pieces of
evidence were money that Hauptmann used one night,
at a theatre. The money he used was a gold
certificate, one which the ransom money was paid
in, this would link him directly to the crime
because the ransom money was gold certificate and
the serial numbers were recorded. Another piece of
direct evidence that was given was the voice of
?Cemetery John?. Mr. Lindbergh thought this voice
was the voice of Mr. Hauptman, and he testified
this at the court house.

Another piece of direct
evidence was when one eye- witness saw a truck,
with a ladder in the back pull quickly into a
ditch. The eye- witness testified that the man
driving the truck was Mr. Hauptmann. The ladder
was also made from the boards in Mr. Hauptmann?s
garage attic floor. One other major piece of
direct evidence in the case was the chisel.

chisel was a very major part in this case; as the
experts believe that the chisel from Mr.
Hauptmann?s tool box was used to pry open the
baby?s window. This was a key piece of evidence,
which played a very big role in the case. Some
Other key pieces of direct evidence in this case
is the money found in Mr. Hauptmann?s garage. The
ransom money was hidden in the walls of the garage
in a shellac can. They found about 14,000 dollars
of the ransom money, and the rest was said to be

This money was a very key piece of
evidence, as the money was gold certificate and
recorded so they knew it was the ransom money.
There was only a few pieces of indirect evidence
in the Lindberg case. One major piece of indirect
evidence was rail 16 in the attic of Mr.
Hauptmann?s garage. Many police officers and
agents checked up in the attic, only to find no
evidence. Later another police officer decided to
go up and look for evidence. He found that the
16th rail of the attic was taken out and
supposedly used for the ladder. This is indirect
evidence because really they were not sure if this
was real evidence, or it was just planted to frame

Hauptman. Shown all of the evidence that was
presented in the trial, Bruno Hauptmann, is guilty
as charged for the kidnap, and murder of the
Lindberg baby. This man is and should be sentenced
to execution for such a terrible offence that has
been committed. All the evidence that has been
shown has been taken into account, and the verdict
of execution of such a terrible man, is proper,
and equally right..

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