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All over the world, people are searching for ways
to improve themselves and their lives. Cloning can
help the lives of millions of people in the United
States. It offers a variety of options that can
help almost everyone. People will be very happy
with the cloning technology. Cloning is good for
our world because it can get rid of infertility,
it can give people the appearance they want, and
it can cure health problems and diseases. Because
of infertility, many couples go through physically
and emotionally painful procedures for a small
chance of having children.

Infertility happens
when a woman’s ovaries have failed, her eggs are
not easily fertilized, or because the man’s sperm
is not conceivable (Kolata 5). Many couples run
out of time or money without successfully having
children. Couples go to infertility doctors and
try over and over to conceive a child if they
cannot get one the first time. Once couples know
that they have a chance of having a baby, they
will keep trying until it happens. Sometimes they
are not so lucky and are never able to have a baby
through regular infertility procedures. With
cloning, a child could be created and placed into
a woman’s womb.

To do this, they would clone the
genes desired by the parents. Infertility clinics
expect to be able to add or delete genes to human
embryos to create a perfect child (Kolata 13).
They can delete genes that could cause disease or
disability and add genes that they want in their
child. . If an infertile couple was given a choice
of a child who is a clone or no child at all, they
would most likely choose a cloned child (Kolata
19). This feature in cloning will let everyone
have the child of their choice. Even if couples do
not have fertility problems, they can choose
different genes they would like in their child.
This would make everyone happy with their child.
Almost every person is self conscious about his or
her looks.

People usually have plastic or cosmetic
surgery to alter themselves to their liking.
Although many people have chosen to have plastic
surgery, there are many risks. The silicone used
for plastic surgery could leak and cause problems
for your body. With the cloning technology, these
problems and worries would be a thing of the past.
Instead of using materials foreign to the body for
such procedures, doctors will be able to
manufacture bone, fat, connective tissue, or
cartilage that matches the patient’s tissues
exactly (HCF Online). They would clone the
patient’s bone, tissue, and other parts and alter
them. Limbs may also be able to be regenerated
with cloning. This will help people who have lost
a limb feel better.

Anyone will able to have their
appearance altered to their satisfaction without
the leaking of silicone gel into their bodies or
the other problems that occur with present day
plastic surgery (HCF Online). Being able to clone
and manufacture people’s tissue would make people
very happy. They would not have to worry about the
silicone gels harming their bodies. Once people
have the appearance that they want, they will be
happy with themselves. Health is a big issue for
millions of people in the United States. Cloning
can help with several health problems.

disease is the number one killer in the United
States and several other industrialized countries
(HCF Online). Scientists believe that they may be
able to treat heart attack victims by cloning
their healthy heart cells and injecting them into
the areas of the heart that have been damaged (HCF
Online). The heart is the machine that keeps a
person alive. By cloning the healthy heart cells
of people, many lives could be saved. Our world
can also use cloning to clone human organs for
transplants. If someone’s liver or kidney fails, a
liver or kidney could be cloned for transplants.
This can help people with diseases in certain
areas to live a better life.

Another large killer
in the world and the United States every year is
cancer. Cloning may be able to save many lives.
The cloning technique switches cells on and off
which makes it able to cure cancer (HCF Online).
The studying of cloning cells by scientists will
help understand the rapid cell growth of cancer.
Scientists still do not know exactly how cells
differentiate into specific kinds of tissue, nor
to they understand why cancerous cells lose their
differentiation (HCF Online). The victims of
cancer suffer throughout their lives. Although
sometimes the cancer can be cured, the majority
cannot be cured. With new technology, cancer might
even be able to be stopped before it is even
developed. “One researcher reported that neural
growth factor can turn off tumor-differentiated
cells in 9 days” (Pence 16).

Cloning will solve
this problem. Many people would not die from
cancer because of this. As health problems become
a larger issue for millions of people, cloning can
help cure them and give them a better life.
Overall, there are many pros to the cloning
technology. It is able to help almost anyone and
can bring up their self esteem. It can improve
everyone’s lives in many ways. The world needs a
thing like cloning to make everyone happy with

Cloning will help infertile couples
conceive a baby, improve a person’s physical
appearance, and help cure health problems and

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