Example research essay topic: Analysis Of The Artillery Used In The Vietnam War – 408 words

The Vietnam War was a war for independence in
Vietnam, the north lead by Ho Chi Minh, the south
led by Ngo Dinh Diem. In 1954 an international
conference decided that Vietnam must be divided
into two north and south. At the beginning America
was not involved in the war between north and
south Vietnam, it wasnt until 1961 when a U.S.
boat was attacked in the gulf of Tonkin. The
President ordered the military to attack back to
prevent further aggression. History: Artillery is
a term used to describe large weapons or a branch
of the army that implies these weapons. There are
four main types of artillery there are large guns
such has a M60, mortars, howitzers, and rocket

This weapons are mounted onto boats,
aircraft, and tanks. When America joined the war
helicopters were used for medical evacuation
because there were very few landing spots in
Vietnam . Helicopters can land and takeoff
vertically that was a real advantage when there
was an emergency . When the helicopters were
converted into gun ships there maneuverability
came in handy when it was under heavy fire , or
when they were picking up soldiers near an enemy
area. There were many types of helicopters the
different types would be armed differently. The
AH-1 Cobra would be modified to hold a certain
amount of a certain type of ammunition.

One of its
armaments modifications were to hold a 20mm cannon
with 750 rounds and TOW guided missiles with 4
rounds . The second was 20mm cannon 750 with
rounds and 2.75 unguided rockets with 14 rounds.
The third was 20mm cannon with750 rounds and TOW
guidied missiles with 8 rounds. This were the
three devisting modifications. Opinion: I think
the helicopters were very useful during the
Vietnam War especially when bombing bases and
evacuating prisoners, injured, and villages. Their
maneuverability made them a hard target to hit.
When soldiers needed to land in a tight spot they
could count on the helicopters. My favorite
helicopter was the AH-1 also know as Cobra it was
fast and maneuverable .

It could move in and
destroy a target get out before it can be spotted.
Conclusion: The conclusion of my report is that
helicopters and other gun ships helped win the
Vietnam war by, evacuating the injured, by
transporting supplies and soldiers from one place
to the other. The grenade launcher would deliver a
lot of firepower to a target. When helicopters
were gun ships they would work on recon missions..

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