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Steinbeck uses symbolism as the central element in
his novel Of mice and men. The symbols are in the
form of people, belief, and animals. Steinbeck
uses effective themes during the novel. Using
these, he illustrates friendships, an image of the
depression, and events in which lead to the final
decision at the end of the story. Symbolism within
characters is widely shown throughout the novel.
Candy demonstrates several uses of symbolism, his
disability is the symbol of the migrant workers
who were literally forgotten about, when they were
no use to their owners. Candys dog is a symbol of
no more use, it dies with a single bullet to the
back of its head, Lennie parallels this event when
he dies the same way, this symbolises tragedy, but
also triumph because the last thoughts in Lennies
mind was his dream.

Candys dog also symbolises
companionship, Lennie foreshadows this, as Candy
was lonely the only friend he had was his dog,
Lennie showed the same companionship to George.
Crooks has many symbolical items, his disability
symbolises loneliness. He constantly rubs his sore
back with special medication to protect himself,
this symbolises the pain he experiences. Crooks
book of Californian Rights symbolises power and
knowledge of rights of freedom. The neatness of
his stable room is symbolising that he too is
trying to show that he is equal to white people.
Crooks is represented as a black person in the
novel this symbolises loneliness because he was
always left out. (Why arent you wanted? Lennie
asked. Because Im black, and I stink.

crooks.) Curley and Curleys wife both represent
evil, they both weigh down and abuse the migrant
workers. Curley harasses Lennie because of Lennies
strength and how big he is. (Come on ya big
bastard. Get up on your feet. No big
son-of-a-bitch is gonna laugh at me. Ill show you
whose yella!.

says Curley) this is a sign of cat
and mouse. Lennie symbolises himself in action to
be amused by soft things. Like when he strokes
that ladies dress and she called out rape, this
symbolises the power a white women had then.
Another example of this type is when Crooks asked
Curleys wife to leave or he would call the boss,
but all she did was black mailed him. (Lisn,
Nigger, you know what I can do if you open your
trap, I could get you strung up on a tree so easy
it aint funny. says Curleys wife.) George and
Lennies dream is the main thread in the story. It
is mentioned throughout the whole novel

This relates to the migrant workers
all having the same goal of working on their own
farms.(Live off the fatta the lan. says George.)
As George and Lennie plan on this dream become
reality, other workers seem not to think so,
because its every workers dream. (You guys is just
kiddin yourself. Youll talk about it hell of
allot, but you wont get no land Says Crooks.
Another example, Nobody never gets to heaven, and
nobody never gets no land Crook comments to
George.) Steinbeck creates three main themes in
his novel Of mice and men. His first main theme is
to get the reader to show concern and compassion
for the outcast of society. The characters in the
book express that they are unaccepted in society
and unable to live a normal life.

The novel tries
to bring out that even though people may be
dispossessed in their life, they can still live a
meaningful one (the dream). Steinbecks second
theme is the need and desire for friendship in
life. Steinbeck shows that friends can be ones
most prized possession (George and Lennies
relationship). The ultimate test of true
friendship is encountered when George had to kill
Lennie, sparing him from an even greater death.
Just as a true friend would George calms Lennie
down before killing him, making him think of the
rabbits and says I aint mad, I never been mad, an
I aint mad now. Thats the thing I want you to
know. George makes sure Lennie dies in peace
knowing that somebody loved him.

The third theme
in which Steinbeck creates is the fact of
loneliness within his characters. This is shown
countless times throughout the novel. Candys dog
was killed, leaving Candy alone, Curleys wife felt
as though she didnt belong on the farm and couldnt
connect with anybody, Crooks was forced to live by
himself in the stable. George and Lennie were both
lonely, so they quickly bonded together and looked
out for each other. Curley is lonely because he
felt everybody was below him and there was no one
on his level that could connect with him. All of
these pieces stick together to create a livable

Society has long been excluding
people who are not like them, who are different in
one way or another. This novel serves as a look
into how those minorities might act and feel about
how they are being treated. It serves an account
of how they cope with what they have. It tells of
people truly being happy with their lives and
living to their fullest capacity no matter in what
state they are in..

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