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During the 1940s, much conflict existed between
countries. People were injured, murdered, and it
was complete chaos. During the span of World War
II, government and societal structures were
drastically changed, because of this. In the
novel, Lord of the Flies, a group of children
stranded on a deserted island have similar issues
happening between them. Since they dont have any
adults on the island, they are left to start their
own government and society. Because they are used
to obeying rules and not having to depend on
themselves, many problems start to occur between
them, and the way they run their society soon
leads to the breakdown of morality in their

In Lord of the Flies, the main characters
and their relationship with each other mirror the
relationships and characteristics of the countries
in WWII and the perceived breakdown of society in
todays society. Ralph, the leader of the society
on the island, mirrors the role of the United
States in WWII. Throughout the story, Ralph has
very few friends, and those that he does have are
only of convenience. He acts as if he knows better
than anyone else does and can trust only himself.
While on the island, Ralph is in between a dispute
between Jack and Piggy, but he doesnt care enough
to become involved in it, until it directly
involves him, forcing him to become involved, and
repeating the same actions the U.S. did during the
war. Meanwhile, Jack, who is selfish and bitter,
can compare to Adolf Hitler.

He compares with
Hitler because theyre both violent, want power,
and are tyrants. Jack doesnt really pick on Piggy
because he hates him, it is because he can, like
Hitler, he thrived on power and helplessness.
Unlike Piggy, Ralph had power, could defend
himself, and wasnt afraid of Jack, so Jack really
despised Ralph. Another reason Jack can relate to
Hitler is because he only wanted power and didnt
care about anyone else, unlike Ralph, who wanted
to help the others get rescued from the island.
Since Jacks views on how society should be run
differed from Ralphs, he went against Ralph, and
started to cause chaos between everyone. In the
middle of all this controversy, Piggy is a shy and
powerless boy, who parallels the state Jewish
people were in. In the story, Piggy wears glasses,
has asthma, is fat, is very intelligent, and
reasonable, which singles him out from the start,
just like the Jews dark skin and hair singled them
out from the rest of society. All throughout the
story, Piggy is picked on by Jack for some reason
or the other, and since Piggy is helpless and can
barely defend himself, he turns to Ralph for
assistance and support.

While all these aspects
lead to war, they also lead to the breakdown of
morality in their society. When the children first
arrive on the island, everyone obeys the rules and
respects one another, but after a while, there
started to be a lack of respect and increased
violence. Once everyone got used to it, no one
cared who got hurt, so they did whatever they
wanted to, whenever they wanted to. And since
there was no adults on the island to control them,
a problem involving respect developed. Respect
wasnt the only problem in the civilization;
violence was also starting to become an issue.
With all the controversy between each other, more
disputes were occurring. First, it was only
arguments, but since there was no order there,
they developed into fights.

With everyone
fighting, the boys separated into two groups,
Jacks group, who want to hunt and survive, and
Ralphs group, who want to build a fire and be
rescued from the island. With Jacks antagonism
toward Ralph and Piggy, war soon broke out.
Eventually a few people were killed and none of
them even realized the brutality of their actions.
Both of these topics mirror the sociopolitical
structure of the 1940s and the way our society
would be if morality were to be broken down. The
war between Piggy, Ralph, Jack and other
characters in the story reflects the way our
society was like in WWII. The violence and lack of
respect also mirrors the perceived breakdown of
morality in our society..

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