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Rationale In this report I am going to explain how
propaganda and psychological warfare influences
and manipulates people to make them support a
country. I am going to show how does the media
works as the medium through which the governments
spread their propaganda. The government manipulate
masses using pamphlets, speeches, morality and
priorities. This manipulation is done through the
media. Media and subjects like censure and
impartiality of it are going to be discuss in this
report. I will show how the Persian Gulf War can
be set on as an example of the media spreading
government propaganda and psychological warfare.
This report also includes a semiotic analysis on
propaganda and its denotative and connotative

This report is going to show us its
effect and importance in our community and
us, know about the horrors and the devastation
that are a result of wars .Despite these horrors,
we act indifferent towards war and its effect on
the world community. Countries governments manage
to manipulate us and make us think that their war
actions against another nation, race or culture
are well justified. Nations make the members of
the society belief, that they are doing the right
thing and that this military action against a
declared enemy is the most desirable thing to do
in order to keep the worlds stability and peace.
For this reason people say we are meant to help
and serve our country, in its war against their
enemy which automatically changes into being our
enemy too. Propaganda and psychological warfare
are elements which are used by the government to
accomplish their war objectives and win the war.
Propaganda is when a one side statement is shown
to a mass audience. This means that propaganda is
meant to show a statement from only one side, for
it to manipulate and influence a mass audience.

order to reach a mass audience, government rely
upon mediums of communication, the media.
Psychological warfare is specific propaganda which
intends to influence and manipulate people by the
use of morality, patriotism and priorities. It is
an indirect form of propaganda which is often use
to convince people without making them feel being
influenced by someone. War Wars are conflicts and
confrontations between groups of people that are
defending their own interests. They kill each
other using weapons to destroy the enemy which is
seen as an obstacle to their interests. Ambition
and competition are human characteristics. These
characteristics can create conflicts in our
society due to feelings such as envy or hate.
Feelings like these, are expressed by a person or
a group of people because of cultural, ideological
and/or social differences.

So conflicts are a
result of the intolerance towards different people
in our society. Conflicts can end up in
confrontations. These confrontations are actions
in response to a conflict. When these actions
involve two or more sides and weapons are use to
physically attack the opposite side, in
battlefields, it is understood to be a war. We as
humans compete against each other to make our
interests happen. In the same way, countries
compete against each other for power or supremacy.
This competition could lead to improvement and
development, but it also leads to wars.

associate wars automatically with destruction.
This association is due to the experiences we have
with wars throughout history. Although we seem to
be aware of the horrors and destruction caused by
wars we are brain washed so that we act
indifferently towards the immense live loss. An
example of this brain washing could be We even
support and get involve in these actions. We are
tricked in order to follow some ideal of freedom
and/or liberty. An example of this could be the
Persian Gulf War. The coalition differences with
Saddam Husseins regime pushed them into this war.
The immense live loss that was over 200,000 was
totally ignored by most of the audience.

The US
government used propaganda and psychological
warfare as a weapon to win this war and brain wash
American and the western world people. War media
The media is the medium through which information
is spread. We are constantly surrounded by media.
It is where we take a look at what is happening in
the world we cannot see. The media has an enormous
power. This power is the result of the way we
trust it. For example a wide majority of people
take TV news as truth.

They do not question the
veracity of them or judged if they are right or
wrong, because the TV news job is supposed to give
real and impartial facts and information. Although
some of us know that all the information showed as
facts on TV news are only one side point of view.
Governments are interested in manipulate the media
in order to manipulate the wide majority of people
which trust it. It is the easier and most
effective way of spreading their propaganda and
psychological warfare. The media is a very
important weapon of wars. The manipulation of the
media is essential in a process meant to
manipulate people. It is the connection between
the government of a country and the countrys

TV news, TV shows, newspapers, radio
transmissions and magazines articles shows us
facts of all around the world. If people doesnt
have another point of reference to compare this
facts to, they take them as the truth. When media
is controlled or manipulated by the government of
a country ( like in US case) what we see, hear or
read in the media, is taken as if it was true.
During war time periods, governments use the media
as a weapon. Using media as a weapon to spread
their propaganda sometimes makes the difference
between winning or loosing. The country which has
more control over the media will have a bigger
chance of winning the war. Usually the country
that was more control over the global media (media
of all around the world), is the country which was
greater and better armed army and greater
economical influences.

The US is the most
economically, politically and militarily powerful
country. They own the biggest multinationals of
news and information including CNN, ABC, New York
Times, CNN international. These huge TV networks,
newspapers and magazines not only influence people
in the US. They are the media for the pro-American
countries media, which obviously also includes
Colombia. Lets take Colombia as an example.
Colombian newspapers and TV news programs
principal sources of information are American
media. Almost all the international news
transmitted in Colombia are based on the news
reports done by American networks.

The same thing
happens in the international section of Colombian
newspapers. These newspapers (such as El Tiempo,
Portfolio etc.) international news are translated
versions of American newspapers. American
newspapers spread the US government propaganda and
so, this propaganda is also spread in Colombian
and all pro-American countries. For these reasons
we could say that the government of a country
manipulates the media and us during war times for
two main reasons. First of all, they want the
people of their country to understand, justify and
support the war and to recognized their common
enemy because of belonging to the same nation.
Morality and priorities in phrases, such as you
should defend your country defend your family,
support your country, are constantly repeated by
government propaganda through the media or
speeches transmitted by all the TV networks. Also
the government controls the information given to
the whole world public in order to keep a low
profile of the images showing innocent civilians
involve in the conflict.

Impartiality and censure
of the media Impartiality and censure of the media
is a very important way of psychological warfare
and propaganda. US government use these elements
to influence American and the Western World. US
media is totally partial in aspects concerning
their government. If the reputation of US
government is in risk the media will not show it,
and consider this censorship as patriotism. For
example CNN agreed with the government to show
Osama Bin Laden videos after government
intelligence translate them and edit them in order
to cut out the parts in which the US government
reputation is in risk. During wars, the images
presented to the general public are limited and

These images are always showing the US
side of the story to convince people that the bad
guys are US governments enemies. They censure some
crude images with the excuse that the general
public shouldnt have a look at the terrible loss
of life. The real purpose of this is to avoid a
negative reaction of the public against US because
of the live loss due to the bombing and armed
confrontations. For these reason innocent
civilians killed by US troops arent showed on TV,
newspapers or magazines. Individuals let the
governments control private media because the
government puts pressure on them. This pressure
could be in economic, constitutional and moral

Economic pressure is the pressure placed to
the media multinationals by the government. This
pressure could be cutting economic preferences or
subsidies to private media. Government can also
pressure individual that own the media using the
constitution. Although the constitution says media
should give impartial information, the reality is
that the information given to mass audience almost
always is manipulated. It is a paradox how the law
say that the information has to be impartial
(press liberty) but in the other hand controls
what information is adequate for the public and
how this information is shown. Moral pressure is
another way on controlling private media.
Patriotism and sense of belonging are part of this
kind of pressure.

An action of this kind would be
seen with good eyes both from the government side
as from the general public side. Gulf War
Propaganda The Gulf War is a perfect example on
how the US government used propaganda and
psychological warfare to win a war. After Saddam
Hussein invaded Kuwait on August 2 of 19 ….

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