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… views in each family set. In one story one of
the daughters is getting involved in her second
marriage. She is content and very much in love
with the man she wants to marry; however, her
mother doesnt see how her daughter would marry him
because he is not Chinese and does not keep a
clean house. The daughter would say that her
mother was too stuck in her old Chinese views,
while the mother would say that her daughter is
foolish and has let herself become too
Americanized. Other stories just center around
growing up and learning to accept lifes hardships.
An example is the story of a girl who goes to the
beach with her family and is left with the
responsibility of watching her brothers.

youngest brother tries to go by his father who is
fishing and has to walk over rocks to do so. On
his way, he trips and no one sees him drowning but
the girl who was supposed to be watching him.
However, she finds herself unable to move and
stands frozen as the horrible event takes place.
The rest of the story is about how she and her
family deal with the death throughout the rest of
their lives. Tan organizes this book so that each
mother-daughter story comes together in the end,
with lifes lessons revealed and learned (Tan). The
title of The Joy Luck Club, from a gathering that
started during wartime in China. The club
consisted of four women who met once a week to
maintain sanity and luck during the raid in China.
The name of the club was called the Joy Luck Club.
(McCarthy 2793) At every meeting, the women would
sit at the four corners of a Mag-jongg table and
play games that always started on the east end.
The book The Joy Luck Club follows this idea to a
T. Just as there are four corners to the table,
the book has four main sections and four mother
daughter pairs.

As the games always started in the
east, the stories in the book start with the story
of the woman who sat on the East corner of the
table. (McCarthy 2792) The mothers and daughters
tell two stories each, with the exception of
Jing-mei who speaks four times because her mother
is dead. One critic noted that, The voices of all
stories are told in first person, making the
character differences hard to differentiate. Whos
speaking now, whose mother, whose daughter? One
must constantly wonder. (Painter98) The mothers
stories are about their life in China. Through
these stories they reveal how they stand for China
and older beliefs, map out their daughters lives
for them and never take no for an answer.

main ground rule is that there is no way the
daughter wins and American decisions always
disappoint them. For example, Lindo Jong said, I
wanted my children to have the best combination:
American circumstances and Chinese character. How
could I know these two things do not mix? (Ling
441) The daughters stories are just about growing
up and their current family situations. Amy Tan
incorporates herself into the novel as one of the
daughters by reshaping some of her experiences
into fiction. The combination of the
mother-daughter stories, bring out how the two
generations as well as the two different cultures
contrast each other. However, no matter how they
fight and disagree, the love the mother-daughter
pairs share for each other is made evident.

critic commented, Tans implication is clear: we
all take our mothers for granted and we dont fully
appreciate them until theyre gone. (Ling 441) Most
critics agree that The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan is
an enjoyable book due to its content and lessons.
For me, The Joy Luck Club proved to be a very
confusing, yet enjoyable book. I found that as I
was reading I had to continually look back to
figure out which character I was reading about. It
was very frustrating and sometimes I would have to
just take a break from reading to sort things out
so they made sense. However, I found that once I
had a clear understanding, the book was really
neat. I found myself really caring for the
characters and getting mad at the moms at
different points.

Like when the mother makes her
daughter see all the bad things in the people she
falls in love with. I just wanted her daughter to
say STOP RUINING MY LIFE! I enjoy a book that can
take control of your emotions and pull you into
the story. Though I couldnt relate to the Chinese
viewpoints, I learned a lot about what Chinese
life and culture was like and how difficult the
transition to American life must have been for
many immigrants. The structure was also very
interesting in how it reflected the corners of the
table. It was really neat to see the correlation
in the end. As far as recommending this bookI
would only recommend it to people who have a lot
of time to concentrate on it and really understand
its content.

It is definitely not a book to just
skim over and read once through. The reader has to
have time to look back, see who the story is
really about and think about how it fits in with
the story opposite it. With that in mind I would
never recommend The Joy Luck Club be in a
curriculum. There are just too many students who
would try to rush through the book just for the
sake of finishing it, which wouldnt do the book
justice with the reviews it deserves. I do however
believe that it should be recommended and in
circumstances such as what our class did, it
should be made available. The age level I would
recommend for reading this book would be fourteen
and up just because of the confusion and some of
the vocabulary it contains.

Also because I think
it takes that kind of maturity to appreciate the
cultural points made and to read about the sexual
aspects in a respectable way. All in all, I
thought Joy Luck Club was a great book and a
really neat style that deserves the attention of
those who are willing to take the time..

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