Example research essay topic: Advocating Gun Control And Background Checks On Gun Owners – 544 words

Bang! Death can happen just like that. That is
exactly how guns work. As deadly as they can be,
almost every house holds some kind of in their
possession. Guns are used for a number of things.
People use them for hunting, competitions,
self-defense, and even collection items. It is
when in the wrong hands when guns become fatal.
Guns can be harmless if handled in the proper
fashion. Guns are able to get in the wrong hands
because the Bill of Rights gives every American
citizen the right to bear arms.

Because of guns,
people are getting hurt, killed, or even worse.
They are also being used to provide force on the
side of criminals. These things are happening
because the guns are being used to purposely hurt
someone. Also, kids are getting a hold of them and
in some cases people dont know how to operate them
properly or are not taking the proper safety
precautions. Ever since guns were invented they
have been a weapon and an aid in acts of violence.
With the United States the way it is now, it seems
as if violence will be around for quite a long
time. There is no way violence can be stopped for
good all of a sudden. If it were even to be slowed
down it would take a lot of time and energy.
Things can be done though to help keep guns from
being involved in forms of violence.

which are already in stores and on the shelves,
may help keep accidents from happing and somewhat
keep guns from the wrong hands. They keep children
and all others but the keys owner from getting a
hold of the gun and even from firing it. This way
only the owner of the gun can use it or allow
anyone else to use it. Clinics that teach people
how to operate guns properly would help make
owners safer. Not only could they teach the proper
way to operate the gun but also, they could
demonstrate the proper safety precautions that
need to be taken into consideration when handling
any sort of fire arm. The Bill of Rights would
have to be changed to have control over who should
have the right to own a gun.

This would be a huge
task to conquer. Without changing the Bill of
Rights there still could be changes made. Laws
that would make people pass certain standards in
order to buy or carry one in their possession.
There can be a number of things done to keep guns
from becoming deadly. Guns can become fatal when
in the hands of a criminal, someone who is not
stable and sane, children, or even someone who has
no or very little experience shooting or handling
guns. If guns can be controlled there would
certainly be a lot less death because of guns and
even less death in general. The schools, streets,
and the whole United States of America would
become safer than ever.

If nothing is done to
control the use of firearms, things will stay they
way they are and most likely get a lot worse. With
some hard work, dedication, and time the chance of
going out with a bang can be reduced greatly..

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