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On a cool afternoon I rang the doorbell to a
firehouse located in Phoenix, Arizona. I had
feelings of anxiousness and was waiting very
impatiently at the door. My preconceptions were
that I would speak with a very buff male (probably
someone who looked as if they were in the WWF),
that I would meet nothing but arrogant cocky guys
who wanted to be a bunch of heroes, and that I
would see them flying down poles and cute white
Dalmatians chasing after their little red engines
that could. All of this was thrown to the back of
my mind as the door creaked open. A small,
brown-haired, friendly woman answered in her
casual clothes of a t-shirt and sweats saying,
Come on in, youre Lori, right? I nodded my head
and entered the red brick home. My name is Gina.
Come follow me and Ill show you around, introduce
you to the captain and our team.

She pointed to a
few guys in the living room and I smiled and said
hello. Their living room had a few nice leather
chairs and a good size TV, they seemed pretty
casual and were having a good time talking and
laughing over a game of baseball. I followed Gina
from the living room into their kitchen. They had
a large fridge with just about all anyone might
ever want to eat in their lives! It was especially
interesting how these fire men/women look tough on
the outside, yet wrote their names on each bag of
lunch as if they were in third grade again and
dont want anyone to steal what their mommy packed
especially for them. We moved from there into the
garage, which is where the big red engine sat
along with a rescue unit, otherwise known as an
ambulance. These are where we keep our fire proof
boots, coats, and helmets and we have to keep them
in order because we dont usually have a lot of
time when going to the scene of a large fire.

glanced along the pathway of the engine at the
bright yellow jackets, heavy boots, and hard
helmets she was pointing to, which were assembled
in a specific order. I tried on a jacket and boots
that Gina handed to me, so I could get the full
experience, though something tells me you can
never fully prepare for their line of work.
Firefighters work 24 hours straight with one or
two days off doesnt seem like a lot of fun to me.
Firefighters can sleep on the job, but it is rare
if they reside in a large city like Phoenix. Their
life is mainly helping people; they also eat,
sleep, and work out-when they have the time, of
course. I wanted to find out a true account of
what Gina had felt while she was showing me
around, so I asked her a few questions. Can I ask
you something? Sure, whats on your mind? How do
you cope with getting to a fire or an accident and
NOT being able to help? Well, its hard because
were people. We get frustrated easily and get

We push that aside and try to think of the
next thing we can do to help, for example helping
someone else out of an accident or fire. But dont
you feel like a guilty if you try to help someone
and they die? thats the hardest one right there,
helping someone and hoping they make it and then
they dont come through. But the way I deal with
that anger and emotion is knowing that God had a
bigger and better purpose for them. Firemen are in
the business of helping people, and it isnt the
easiest job. After this conversation, I asked Gina
why she loved firefighting so much. She said that
there isnt a better field to be in than one that
is closely related to helping people.

dangerous, the pay isnt great, but the rewards are
significant. I found that in the EUREKA Data Base
a fire-fighter usually makes between $1,083 to
$3,330 per month keeping in mind that 75% of
firefighters are not on a salary. EUREKA also
explained about personal characteristics a
firefighter should have as well as training and
skills needed. EUREKA data base says that a
fireman/woman should have the ability to
manipulate objects, tools or machinery. They
should have excellent health; physical agility,
strength; above average manual dexterity; ability
to climb, stoop, reach, hear; ability to
demonstrate emotional stability and
self-confidence; and perform well under stress.
The training and requirements were a little more
difficult to assess. An applicant must be 18 years
old with at least a GED or high school diploma.
Experience as a volunteer can help you get a job
and looks very good on a resume.

You can train and
also take classes at community colleges to help
you prepare for the test, both the physical and
mental part. But like I said before, I am not
quite sure anything definitely prepares someone
for this line of work. People at an accident scene
can be screaming, have limbs dismembered from
their bodies, be soaked in blood -or worse yet-
even be dead. I hardly think any class prepares
you for that. A firefighter must be able to deal
with critical situations easily day upon day. One
of the most critical situations that has hit home
for many firefighters around the world has been
September 11th.

Firefighters are one big family
who love, trust and care for one another like
brothers and sisters. I figured their patriotism
on that tragic day would ignite a fire in others
lives to volunteer as a firefighter more. Yet in
the National Department of Labor Statistics I
found that since September 11th, the numbers have
decreased significantly for firefighting
volunteers. I suppose maybe they realize just how
dangerous it really is. Looking back to that day I
found out that my preconceptions of this job were
really wrong! I loved hanging out with all the
firefighters and especially with Gina. They were
goofy yet normal people who anyone might see
walking on the street and never think of twice
about the fact they are heroes.

The real stunning
part is that maybe someday one or more of them
will be saving your life..

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