Example research essay topic: A Protest To The Music Of Eminem, The Real Slim Shady – 301 words

Nelson is a powerful article about the influence
music can have on people. Nelson makes some
excellent points on this controversial subject and
is correct in stating that music does influence
actions. Music can have tremendous effects on
listeners, especially those who are easily
influenced. One argument in the rappers defense
was; his sadistic desires are not those of
Marshall Mathers (Eminem), rather they are those
of his alter ego known as Slim Shady. To some he
is considered a divided man. Should it really
matter which side of him is singing about rapping
and killing women? The point is it doesnt matter
who is singing about it; the only thing that
matters is the message it is sending to our youth.
That message is that it is okay to abuse women.
Another defense states that what Slim Shady sings
about is piercing honesty.

That much honesty is
not always the best thing for a young adult
struggling to fit in. Nelson states that Slim
Shady is beloved by 14 year-old boys. Fourteen
years old is not an appropriate age to be hearing
about murder, rape and abuse. Most teenagers view
his music as comical and real. What happens when
the comical part is gone and all youre left with
is the real? Our youth listens to this music
because it is the hard truth. Well the problem
with that is the hard truth Slim Shady is rapping
about is slowly becoming the reality.

influenced teenagers are listening to this music
and are finding it acceptable to do the things
Slim Shady is rapping about. No matter who he says
he is Marshall Mathers, Eminem or Slim Shady the
truth of the matter is his violent lyrics are
effecting peoples actions..

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