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The beginning of geometry is hidden in the time of
pre-history. Later, the humans came to recognize
certain principles. People believe geometry
started in Egypt. Ancient Greeks also practiced
experimental geometry for centuries. During the
Ancient Greece time period Euclid wrote thirteen
books, entitled The Elements, that are still today
one of the most influential works in scientific
history. In Ancient Egyptians time geometry was
used often.

One use for geometry was to measure
the size of fields, and determine how much taxes
should be given for the different sizes of fields.
Also in the same time period the Babylonians
showed use of geometry. Scholars have even found
that the Babylonians knew Pythagorean
Relationships. The most influential time period
for geometry was the Ancient Greece time period.
The Greeks used geometry much like the Egyptians
and Babylonians had used it. The Greeks even
created the first type of formal mathematics by
grouping geometry with rules of logic. Some of
them had such an interest in geometry that they
traveled to Egypt and Babylon to learn all that
they possibly could about geometry. The Greeks
also insisted that geometric fact must be proven,
not by procedures, but by reasoning.

There was a
saying in Ancient Greece that said; Geometrical
truth was to be obtained in the study room rather
then the
.html). The Greeks were also noted for creating
many different kinds of geometry. The Elements,
thirteen books written by Euclid, give insight in
the development of geometry along with other
mathematics. The Elements have been studied for
twenty-four centuries and even in many different
languages. In his books Euclid gave five
postulates, he however was not satisfied with the
fifth postulate which read, Given a line and a
point not on the line, it is possible to draw
exactly one line through the given point parallel
to the line
(http://math.rice.edu/~lanius/Geom/his.html) So
over the years geometry has been along for the
ride. Surviving through the Egyptians,
Babylonians, and Greeks.

It is amazing that the
study of geometry has lasted so long and is still
being continued. It almost makes you wonder that
if Euclid didnt really set the standard for
geometry if it would have lasted so long. I think
that it would have because there will always be at
least one person with an intense passion for
mathematics and geometry. There are still people
like that today and I am sure that there will be
people like that in the future. So geometry is
here to stay, and I am here to learn it!.

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